When Should I File Bankruptcy?

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October 20, 2019
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March 25, 2020

When Should I File Bankruptcy?

The short answer is as soon as you are sure that your monthly bills are more than your monthly income. Any attorney will tell you that you should not wait until you are flat broke to file bankruptcy. There are several reasons, not the least of which is that a bankruptcy attorney requires payment. If you are not familiar with hiring a bankruptcy attorney you may never really think about the attorney needing to be paid. The fact is that attorneys are not a charitable people. They need to get paid just like the rest of us.

Bankruptcy attorneys in Sandusky Ohio can ask for a range of deposits. Anywhere from $600 on up. This is just a deposit. The total amount will obviously be much more.

Another thing to consider is, how much money do you need to survive. As in, rent or mortgage payments, car payments, food, electricity and heat. These items are obviously a necessity in life and must keep getting paid. If you only have a month or two of the funds to pay these items, you are already behind the eight ball and you need to file immediately. Do not wait until you are flat broke to seek the help of an attorney. The process does cost money and can take months to complete.

Sandusky Ohio Attorneys

For a lot of people in Sanduksy Ohio, the first time the file bankruptcy is the last time. But the first time can be stressful, pride-swallowing, and perhaps a little embarrassing. If you have the right attorney, however, things can be much easier on you. The right attorney will make you feel comfortable and at ease with your decision. Bankruptcy is a tool provided for you in certain situations to get a fresh start. Do not feel bad for using this tool. A judge will decide if you meet the criteria and can get a fresh start.

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