If you need a lawyer for Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 / Chapter 13), Divorce/Dissolution/Legal Separation, Prenuptial Agreements, Custody, Child Support, Misdemeanors/Traffic/DUI Cases, Wills, Landlord / Tenant or Personal Injury please contact us.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you considering filing bankruptcy in the Sandusky Ohio area? Don’t wait. Contact an attorney today. Amy M. Logan is a local bankruptcy attorney and can get your filing done with as little headache as possible.

It can be a scary thought to file bankruptcy. Some things we hear all the time from clients considering filing bankruptcy are, “Am I in debt enough to file bankruptcy?”, “I feel dishonest about filing bankruptcy.” and, “Is my credit destroyed after I file bankruptcy?” Let Amy help you answer these questions. It is very natural to have mixed feelings about bankruptcy and calling an attorney to help you. Don’t worry, you are NOT alone.

ver, all that being said, chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies exist to give you a fresh start. There is no point to spend the rest of your life trying to get out of debt just to “maybe” succeed right before retirement or even later. Let a qualified attorney look at your financial situation and advise you on what your options are. Obviously you are the ultimate decision maker, but the advice of a competent bankruptcy attorney is invaluable. Many bankruptcy attorneys will just tell you to file bankruptcy even if there may be other options. You need an honest bankruptcy attorney to help you with you options. Give Amy Logan, your local Sandusky bankruptcy attorney, a call today.

“We are A Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for Bankruptcy Relief under the Bankruptcy Code.”

Divorce Attorney Services

The decision to end a relationship is very difficult and stressful. When you need help understanding your rights and options, give our office a call.

A Dissolution dissolves your marriage similar to a divorce, but it involves both parties agreeing to do so, and you both must agree on ALL of the issues in your case including custody and property settlement. In a dissolution, all of the paperwork is prepared, signed by both parties, and then filed with the court. You will both then have to attend a hearing for your dissolution to be finalized. A dissolution is often less time consuming and less costly than a divorce. If an agreement can not be reached then a complaint for divorce is filed, and you will need legal counsel to protect your rights when it comes to custody, assets, debts, property settlements, child support, and spousal support. Our office offers a free initial consultation in which we will assess your situation and help you protect your rights.

General Law Practice

We can help you with general law legal needs as well as Bankruptcy and Divorce. We can help you with: Prenuptial Agreements, Custody, Child Support, Misdemeanors/Traffic/DUI Cases, Wills, Landlord / Tenant, as well as Personal Injury.

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